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05 April 2009 @ 07:27 pm
So here I am, already two days behind on my deadline for NOMAD, with a new thesis and two pages of the minimum eight written, a project to prepare for and two classes worth of Japanese homework piling up behind me, AND ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS THIS GODDAMN STORY I WANT TO BE WRITING.

In an effort to aleviate my frustration at being unable to actually write, I am posting a rant all about this goddamn story that REFUSES to keep quiet long enough for me to get my life back in order.

Last summer I wrote a short story (just under 1000 words) about a girl who could see things nobody else could. I called it "Ashley's Friends," got the A in the class, and forgot all about it. Time passed. I found myself thinking about the story more and more, and dug out the copies that had been reviewed by my classmates. I started to develop the story more in my notebook, and then forgot about it.

And yet somehow it's slipped into my mind and won't get out. I want to write it so bad! I find myself planning scenes as a stand at the sink doing dishes, brushing my teeth, waiting for the bus... It's consuming me! And the worst thing is, I don't even know if it's any good.

The basic plot is about a pair of sisters who can see tiny creatures that nobody else around them can. The younger sister is eventually hospitalized due to certain consequences of this ability, which the two of them have kept secret. When the younger sister reveals this secret she is kidnapped by people who want to exploit her ability. The older sister, feeling partially responsible, teams up with a young man and the secret society he's a part of to rescue the younger sister. The secret society is dedicated to protecting the creatures and views them with almost religious reverence.

Er, I don't want to say any more than that because then it gets into some details that a) give away key plot elements b) require more description of characters and circumstances than I want to go into and c) would probably end with me writing parts of the story instead of my paper.

In any case! Even though the character at the center of the story is the younger sister the whole thing is told from the perspective of the older sister (in third person because I really can't do first person...) The older sister has to reconcile her feelings about her younger sister and herself in the process of saving the sister. On top of this the boy that teams up with her also has some issues to deal with, and the two of them end up mixed up in each other's problems. Predictably, there is romance involved.

You'll note that none of these characters have names. I've named most of the secondary characters, but anything I try out for the three main characters doesn't seem to work. The younger sister was originally Ashley and the elder Erin, but when I sat down to try writing I realized that I kept mixing up the two names. If I can't keep them straight imagine how the reader would feel... (Ironically, this is one of the themes I want to work on.) The boy wasn't even in the original short story, and his personality keeps shifting as I work on him. He started out as this hardened bad-boy, but then I realized that a character like that would never work with the sister. Then I made him a really sensitive guy who was a bit emo, but that also didn't work because it didn't fit with what I needed him to do. Currently he's cheerful if slightly aloof and distant. Right now he's modeled after a guy I knew in the dorms. But the problem IS: he needs to have a name, and I SUCK at naming characters.

Anyway, that unnamed story and lots and lots and lots and lots of fics are running around in my head nonstop. It's always when I get busy that I get so many ideas.

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21 March 2009 @ 10:00 pm
So I'm watching Emma season 2 with Heather. And while we were totally rooting for William at the beginning of the series now we're pretty damn tired of him. He just gets more and more annoying as time goes on. So now whenever Hans *squeal!♥* comes on screen we kinda go "squeal!♥" Because seriously? Hans = much better man. We're not even talking about denying fate or anything like that. It's just of the choice between the two men Hans is OBVIOUSLY the better choice.

Anyway, quick search for Hans/Emma fanfic turns up: ZERO.


We're not quite done with the series, we're still like two episodes away. But William had better pull one giant awesome outta his ass because we're well and truly pissed with him!


If anybody out there has some good Hans/Emma fic, send it along. PLEASE!
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Dear Idemaru-sensei,

I'm looking over the second draft of my final project, which you turned back to me for corrections, and there are a few things that I notice.

First, my paper is covered in red pen. This seems odd to me, since the first two and a half pages were already corrected. I have nothing against red pen, though some teachers insist on using purple or green or some other color to avoid offending my delicate ego, but I have come to fear YOUR red pen.

The reason I fear YOUR red pen and not, for example, Ikei-sensei's is that your red pen is used with violence. Yes, you have made notes on my paper. You have diligently underlined every instance where I made a mistake. You have not, however, actually CORRECTED my paper. You have made notations that something should be inserted without giving me so much as a hint as to what needs to be inserted. Your randoms question marks scattered across the page to little to enlighten me as to what the fuck I'm supposed to be clarifying. I find that ironic, and it would be funny if 15% of my grade did not rest on this project. If you were to simply use the department codes that all the other professors use (W for word choice, St for style, P for particle etc) your underling and insertion marks would make much more sense.

I must also take issue with some of the comments you did make on my paper. Though I'm grateful for the in-depth corrections, I am frustrated by the fact that the comments have little or no relation to my paper. Additionally, if you had read the photocopied text I had given you (costing me $2.16 that I wouldn't have needed to spend if you had just looked over my text in class the way you did with everybody else's) most of those questions would be answered. If you have problem with the "flow" of my paper, it may have something to do with the way it mimics the style of the original text. If you had actually read the text you would understand that.

I'm also having trouble understanding your notation on tenses and kanji. If I'm supposed to write all in kanji, I will write all in kanji. If I am supposed to write only in present tense, I will write only in present tense. You simply have to tell me. If you give me no explanation the corrections seem arbitrary and I only become more confused. I realize that at the 5th year level I should not be having these problems, but your job is not to berate me for things I don't understand or ridicule my previous teachers, but to correct me in a way that I can understand so that I can LEARN. You are not a research professor, you are an instructor. Therefore you don't get paid to be snobbish and condescending. You are paid to instruct. Please do so.

Please do not think that I'm ungrateful for the time you have spent in correcting my paper, nor am criticizing you for giving me a much-needed extension on my paper. I am merely frustrated that you seem to think I can read your mind.

Looking forward to being the fuck out of your class,


P.S. Looking at my grades online I notice that you have neglected to enter two worksheets I did, as well as 2 make up tests you let me do. Consequently my current grade is much much lower than it should be. Please fix this soon. If I fail this class because you forgot to update your grade book, which would then mean that I am unable to graduate on time, I would probably come after you with a knife.

In the interests of my well-being, and your own, please fix these mistakes soon.
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10 March 2009 @ 11:49 am

So the guy came today to set up net and, surprise surprise, the sales slaves said whatever it took to make a sale, ie: "Absolutely, you can rent the wireless router for super cheap!" Turns out, not so much.

So, long story short, Kathryn has internet and I don't. I'm hitting up my godfather for the money for a router later this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have net by Wednesday but it's no longer a sure thing.

Sorry to get your hopes up guys. Believe me you, I'm just as upset as you are about this...

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09 March 2009 @ 11:04 am

So anybody else reading Othar's twitter? Cuz it's kinda awesome right now. Othar has a girlfriend! And he's NUTS for her and doesn't know it. So adorable! Oh, Othar. You're just so... ficcable! Somebody totally needs to do something with OtharxOslaka. Cuz it's really adorable.

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06 March 2009 @ 01:19 pm
Do you have any idea how much I LOVE okama's art? Do you? And yet I can't find ANY of it for Glass Fleet. The Japanese website is down (IT'S HASN'T EVEN BEEN 3 YEARS! WTF?!) and half the American ones are either "There's a show by this name. Add more info!" or they're down as well. I checked for lj comms and there's ONE. ONE. Deviantart is a bust too, which SHOCKED me. I mean, super hot twin brothers and one of them is totally incestuously into the other? Seriously! I AM SO DESPERATE FOR A FANDOM THAT I WOULD PUT UP WITH YAOI FANARTS!

Oh. My. God. FFNET HAS ZERO GLASS FLEET STORIES! How did this series slip through the cracks?! HOW? There isn't even awesomely bad fic on affnet! I- I think I have to go lie down...


....th-there isn't even an artbook. No character design sketches. N-n-n-no nuh-NOTHING. H-how can this even HAPPEN! I mean, with all these people fanning over Code Geass (le Douche of the Revolution) HOW CAN THERE BE NOT A SINGLE FAN OF GLASS FLEET!

*rolls up her sleeves* If there's no fanfic, if there's no fanart, I'll just have to make it my damn self!

Brace yourselves for a fic storm. It's gonna be fucking epic.

EDIT: I simply could not believe that there was absolutely NO fanfic out there for Glass Fleet. Just because it wasn't showing up on ffnet or affnet doesn't mean it's not out there, right? So I did a google search for "glass fleet fan fic." The FIRST result was this very journal. I have NEVER seen a fandom this dead... *depressed*
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04 March 2009 @ 07:38 am
I'm almost afraid to post this in case I end up jinxing it, but...


I know! It's been HOW long? *checks the day counter* Oh my, as of today, 599 days. Wow. Holy shit. I can't believe I survived that long without my own internet at home. I mean, when was the last time I downloaded manga or anime? When was the last time I chatted on IRC? ...god, it's been over a year and a half since porn! XD

The guy is coming on Tuesday to set it up, in theory. He'll try to install shit on my computer BUT I WON'T LET HIM! Kathryn and I are tech-savvy enough that all he'll really be doing is connecting all the wires for the modem and router, which is a pain in the ass and I hate doing it anyway. IN THEORY, I'll be back online by Tuesday evening.

The FIRST THING I'm going to do is get Firefox. Then I'm going to beef up the security on my computer. I'll pick up MacAffee from the school, since that's worked pretty well for me in the past, plus I can get it for free and I'm pooooooor. Then I'm going to do homework and research. For like a week. AND THEN I'LL BE BACK ONLINE FOR REALS! In that week I will NOT be downloading music and updating my iTunes library and getting album art and getting as much free stuff as I can from eMusic. I will NOT get totally wrapped up in /b/ or IRC or WhuddleWorld (omgWhuddleWorldisbackyay!) or Facebook or anything like that. I will NOT download as much anime and manga as I can. I will NOT spend all freaking day on onemanga catching up on One Piece and Neuro and Wallflower... I will also not be chatting or reading livejournals or webcomics or fics or anything of the sort. Because I'm a responsible almost-graduate.

Yes. Exactly....

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Next week, consider me afk. After that, OMG ORGY OF INTARWEBS! (Daniella, I'm looking at you.)

In other news, I've replaced my school ID and my debit card. I'm going to the mall this afternoon to replace my state ID (there's a DMV there) and I'll also be getting a new wallet.

I haven't done any homework all week.... ¬_¬

Oh, by the way. I'm kinda in love with Glass Fleet now. It's melodramatic and it's like somebody said "Gundam sells. Rose of Versailles is still popular. Let's combine them! SPACE OPERA! BUT BAD!" And for some reason I'm totally loving it. I mean, I can see almost every plot device coming a mile away, and I'm still like "CLEO, JUST BE HOT FOREVER!" I mean, Kenjiro Tsuda? You can't go wrong! He talks and I just go all melty.

Ahem. Anyway. Fuck you, Gonzo. For Samurai 7, Real Bout High School, Pumpkin Scissors, and Glass Fleet. But mostly Samurai 7 and Glass Fleet. Because seriously. Cleo! I mean, CLEO! GRAAAUGH!
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24 February 2009 @ 12:06 pm

Guess how AWESOME Saturday was for me! No, really. Guess. It was so fucking awesome, I got my wallet AND my cell phone stolen! It was amazing. And guess how they did it! In the middle of the store, while I was working. That's right, it was stolen by a CUSTOMER! Yay! My faith in humankind increases exponentially day by day! So now I have to go through all the shit of replacing everything from my wallet without having my ID or cell phone. It's gonna be epic. And as though this wouldn't be hard enough already, I have to do all this in week 8 of the term. Oh, and as a bonus? My grandfather is dying and nobody can get in touch with me. I'm about an inch from going nuts and hitting something and I kinda want to curl up in a ball and cry. It'll take a miracle to get my stuff back. I REALLY don't need this now...

In totally unrelated news, except that it makes me feel good when I don't have much to feel good about, I watched the first 13 episodes of Neuro. Even though it's ostensibly a horror/crime series I can't help but find myself thinking of it as a romance. A really twisted romance, to be sure, but a romance nonetheless. Maybe it's my recent preoccupation with romantic formulas and the fact that Twilight is seeping into my brain like an acid, but episode 13 kinda makes me go "d'awww!" ...in a slightly squicked way. I mean, I totally see the way Neuro is abusing Yako, and I kinda want to hit her for being such a pushover (then again, poor Godai... and he's trying so hard too) but some little part of my brain, let's call it the Fic Gland, is like "Isn't it adorable the way he doesn't know how to respond to these new human emotions!" I will confess that a large part of it has to do with his lovely, lovely voice... But yeah. I didn't think I'd be able to get over the bizarre art style but now I find that really I don't mind it as much as I did before. ............ohshitnoficcingnow!

Work progresses on Nomad. I gave up on taking notes on every goddamn page of Twilight, it was taking too long and I wasn't making enough progress on the supplimentary texts, but I still want to go back and make a catalogue of the awful. Also, reading criticism of romance novels makes me want to pick up a few of the cheapest, trashiest ones I can find and read them, just for the hell of it. Somebody stop me...

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05 February 2009 @ 07:20 pm

So I've started my close(r) reading of Twilight, and forthis reason I have decided that I'm some kind of masochist for doing this. It's honestly painful to read. The language, the characterizations, the general crap of the whole thing...

It occurs to me that maybe Smeyer is actually a really good writer. Wait, wait, hear me out! See, she writes from the perspective of a 16 year old girl, right? So the fact that she writes like a 16 year old girl: really crappy adjective abuse, describing every single goddamn action the way teen girls obsess over every little thing, the blatant Sue-ness of Bella...

Yeah, actually she's a shifty writer who has never matured past a high school writing level.

To keep track of all the crappy writing themes and all the various elements of the story that I want to be able to talk about I've had to make a spreadsheet. It's fucking epic. I may put it online to share the epicness with you.

I'll expand on my earlier post/snark on Twilight as I read further but for now I just get to do short rants through my iPod...

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03 February 2009 @ 03:52 pm
Somebody convince me that I should not spend another $50-some on more books when I haven't even finished reading the ones that I already have.

So I was talking with a professor today about my NOMAD project and she was like "tell me again why you don't want to be a professor? Because you'd be perfect!" And I explained to her that I just don't have the temperament to be a professor. So she says "what about a librarian?" And I was reminded of how much I wanted to be a library when I was younger and went "hmm!"

And then I remembered something somebody once told me about something called "Library War" and I looked it up. AND NOW I WANT IT. I mean, this is the series that was MADE for me! Sexy librarians kicking ass against the forces of evil and censorship? That just SCREAMS my name.

Once again, Sasuga has let me down. I'll have to get my sister to buy them for me in P-town. Or maybe I'll just make a trip up there. Whatevs.

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